precious cargo
precious cargo

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    a cold wind whipped between the dunes, breathing life into swarms of tiny sand crystals that bit like angry mites. the wise men were grateful for their beards. they had trekked many nights; fatigue weighed on their feet and on their spirits.

    “are we there yet?” one complained, “this is sooo boring.”

    “my feet hurt,” said the second wise man, “this baby king better like my gift.”

    “oh sure, no better gift for an infant boy than exotic perfume.”

    “really? you make fun of my present? what even is ‘myrrh’? did you make that up?”

    “--brethren!” interjected the third wise man, “cease your squabble. it matters not what we bring, it is this journey itself that is our most precious cargo…”

    “...but yeah,” he said, “your gifts are both weird. they’re totally going to love my gold.”

    products only available as a set

    style: exotic
    • every glassybaby gives – learn more about our giving
    • this glassybaby is a hand-blown glass candle holder
    • every glassybaby is a one-of-a-kind work of art
    • glassybaby are hand-made in the usa in seattle or berkeley
    • experience the glow with included tea light candle
    • glassybaby fit snuggly in the palm of an average hand
    • glassybaby weigh a pound and stand around 3.5” tall
    • the triskelion, our logo, represents giving, craft and family and is etched on every glassybaby

    every glassybaby gives