Lee Rhodes sitting with dog and small children

A family story

Sometimes glassybaby feels like my fourth child – but glassybaby is truly a family in itself, connected by simple, generous beauty. 

And more than anything, glassybaby is a living language of color, crafted to help the stories of your life glow with loving light. The glassybaby story is your story.

For every moment, there is a color.

grace, true love, gratitude, and… dance party.

Each glassybaby color has its own unique name and story, to light up any moment of your life into a timeless memory.

horoscope warm toned swirl, hand-blown glass votive candle holders

Authentic gifts of real meaning, for any occasion

Each hand-crafted glassybaby gift can be sent with a complimentary hand-written note, so you can express the true care in your heart.

  • To my lovely wife. I saw this and thought of you. Here's to many more incredible years together!

    Love, Mike

  • Dear Logan,

    You are in my thoughts. I hope this brings you hope and healing.

    Much Love, Wendy

  • Dear Monica,

    Thanks for visiting us! We had a blast showing you our city.

    Love, The Thomsons

  • Congratulations Graduate!

    We are so proud of you & your hard work. Cant wait to see what you do next.

    Grandma & Grandpa

Kindness in everything

So many stories in this life can feel dim and heavy. the glassybaby family is devoted to shining colorful light, in every way that we can: