we create hand-made objects of
beauty. we strive to inspire hope
and nurture community along the

hands holding hand-blown glass votive

Born in Seattle

glassybaby was founded in 2001, in Seattle, Washington, by Lee Rhodes, who continues to keep the company faithful to its original mission of providing hope and healing.

Since that time, glassybaby has grown and expanded into neighborhoods that share our spirit of creativity and community. You can find our stores where it all started through the Seattle area, and further afield in Oregon.


The reason glassybaby exists is to give.

non-profit volunteer passing out food
young ladies looking into a lit glassybaby hand-blown glass candle holder


We are a community of kindness. Everyone is welcome. Just bring a story.

four hands holding a glassybaby hand-blown glass candle holder

Downright Uplifting

Each votive with a motive is to lift spirits and spread hope.

color bar for hand-blown glass candle holders on shelves


Our hand-blown glass products are made from the Earth, and we are committed to protecting it.

We Love Dogs

They don't judge, and neither do we, for goodness sake.

orange and white dog at rescue shelter