since 2001 glassybaby has
contributed over $12,000,000 to
organizations worldwide.

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$12,000,000 and Counting

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From the beginning, the mission of glassybaby and founder Lee Rhodes is to give back. $5 from the sale of every glassybaby is donated to the glassybaby foundation to provide hope and healing to people, animals, and our planet. To date, we have donated over $12 million to those in need.

Each glassybaby has a special name and meaning and is a unique work of art. Every glassybaby is carefully blown by skilled glassblowers in our Seattle area hot shops, crafted by human hands that work together with patience and purpose.

glassybaby is inspired by, and composed of, your giving spirit, your illuminating stories…your life. glassybaby communicate a colorful language with light, blending together a community who share in this common spirit of giving.