Corporate Gifting

To show your appreciation, or just because, glassybaby are gifts that give back.
We hand-blow glass with color and light for people who love to give kindness.

Gifts That Give

$3 from every glassybaby purchased gives to non-profit organizations that provide hope and healing to people, animals and the planet.

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whiskey and yes hand-blown glass candle holders


glassybaby are all hand-crafted works of art made by skilled artisans in our own hot shops.

See glassybaby being made


We will work together to select and personalize your gifts, including customization created for you by our in house etching team.

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ocean hand-blown glass candle holder with etched logo filled with silver paint

Gift Wrapping

All packages arrive individually gift wrapped and include customized messaging of your choosing.

Together We Give

To date, glassybaby has donated $12 million to non-profit organizations dedicated
to providing hope and healing to people, animals and the planet.