Give Unforgettable Light

glassybaby corporate gifting
can inspire your community
to come together.

-Theresa LaFrombois, Nordstrom

Why event planners, HR managers, and buyers love glassybaby:

"This is the fourth custom glassybaby retirement gift we've done... and all have been very well received! This is a special, lasting memento... and we truly appreciate your partnership!"

-Laura Follis, PAWS

Why event planners, HR managers, and buyers love glassybaby:

"PAWS received a baby grant from the foundation. Thanks to both of you for getting our attention so we could apply for it. Connecting with glassybaby, a philanthropic company headquartered in our community that cares about animals, has been a great honor. I am excited about what is to come."

-Kelly Nixon, USJF (United States Japan Foundation)

Why event planners, HR managers, and buyers love glassybaby:

"Thanks so much again for all your work and assistance with our order! The gifts made a big impression on everyone, and I think they also sparked a lot of interest in glassybaby!"

More than just a pretty glass: Our company aligns with your values

When we say that every glassybaby is crafted to give, we mean it.

- Every glassybaby is hand-blown by artisans in our USA hot shops.

- glassybaby is woman-owned and run.

- from the beginning, every glassybaby purchase makes a donation to non-profits that support hope and healing.

Here's how to make a statement of beauty that goes beyond words:

1) Contact us and one of our glass experts will help you craft your message.

2) Choose from one of glassybaby's hundreds of colors, each with it's own name and story (kind of like you).

3) Collaborate with us on a custom design, to make a gift almost as unique as the person receiving it.

4) Give your glassybaby, to commemorate the occasion forever.

More than customers: join the glassybaby family

People may come for the beauty, but they stay for the community.

The giving mission, the colorful stories, and the unique craftsmanship bring out the best in people, inspiring new connections and love.

One of a kindness

Each hand-blown glass votive is a work of art. As unique as the individual that chooses one. Formed by eight hands, born in the USA, citizen of the world, each with its own name and story.

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