grandma told mama and mama told me.
long ago there were more elephants than humans,
happy on the tembo savanna,
great grey bodies herding the wild horizon.


Giving is the cornerstone of our business plan. To date
glassybaby has donated over $12.7 million to organizations
worldwide that provide hope and healing for people,
animals, and the planet.

Learn more Wild Salmon Center photo by Ben Knight

Wild Salmon Center - Partner Grant


All glassybaby are hand made from start to finish by glass artists in our Seattle hot shops.

See the process
grace hand-blown candle holder votive during glassblowing process
glassybaby madrona retail shelves filled with glassybaby

Our Stores

As the first flowers foreshadowing spring begin to open up their fragrant colors, abundant colors bloom again in glassybaby stores, as well. New colors glow on our shelves, ready to make a beautiful home even more lovely.

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