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add beauty and meaning to any moment:

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discover one of a kindness

each hand-blown glassybaby comes out of the oven

with its own shape, size, and color.

and each one has its own name and story -

kind of like you.

for every moment,

there is a color.

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autumn colors that
bring a warm glow

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what is glassybaby?

we hand-blow glass with color and light for people who love to give kindness


there’s no substitute for the human touch. each glassybaby is a little work of art, hand-blown in our American hot shops, with a glow as unique as you are.

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every glassybaby is crafted to give. your purchase is a gift of hope. together, the glassybaby family has donated over $13.9 million to organizations that help people, animals, and the planet heal.

how we give

our story is your story

in 2001, cancer survivor Lee Rhodes dropped a candle into a cup. since then, her story has lit up the lives of thousands, and glassybaby has become a living language of light, which adds color and light to all kinds of stories.

the glassybaby story

open up your glow

what’s it like to receive a glassybaby gift?

it’s like a sunrise, or a kiss on the cheek, or a big smile,

in a pretty little box.

making the baby

four artisans work together in an intricate dance, to craft each glassybaby. their skilled devotion creates stunning beauty.

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