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The Stafford Animal Shelter

German Shepard puppy

The Stafford Animal Shelter prevents animal distress by caring for displaced animals, facilitating adoptions and reunions, minimizing pet overpopulation and pioneering humane education & community outreach.


They are an open-door facility that accepts all pets in need regardless of age, species, breed or medical condition.  They have no length of stay restrictions so animals are welcome with them until they find their forever homes. They accept every pet; abandoned or homeless, unwanted litters from unspayed and unneutered animals, and those confiscated from hoarding and cruelty cases. As the only nonprofit animal care facility in Park County, SAS serves the people and pets of the greater Southwestern Montana including Gallatin, Sweet Grass, Stillwater, Meagher, Fergus counties and beyond.  They are the only shelter in the region that accepts all lost and unwanted domesticated pets in their "Zoo" where they can care for a wide range of animals from exotics, rabbits, birds, reptiles, rodents, fish, small mammals and more. Of all the animals they take in, approximately half are reclaimed and half are adopted. Every cat, dog, kitten, puppy and rabbit are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before being adopted out. 

Giving to date: $30,000

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Giving is the cornerstone of our business plan. On November 22, 2022 we surpassed $13 million in giving to organizations worldwide that provide hope and healing for people, animals and the planet.

German Shepard puppy

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