little children understand that
generosity is real,
jollyness is real,
and somebody knows
if you’re naughty or nice.

maybe they know something we’re too sophisticated to believe.

maybe santa
is real?


Giving is the cornerstone of our business plan. To date
glassybaby has donated over $13 million to organizations
worldwide that provide hope and healing for people,
animals, and the planet.

Learn more Image of World Central Kitchen setup in Florida

Giving Partner - World Central Kitchen


All glassybaby are hand made from start to finish by glass artists in our Seattle hot shops.

See the process
grace hand-blown candle holder votive during glassblowing process

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when autumn falls, it's here today, gone tomorrow. but haven't we all wished to keep the color for a little longer? so we crystallized it into glass. let's light up fall colors day after dayand year after year — let's keep falling.

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