Dear glassybaby family,

During the holiday season, you donated, through your glassybaby gifts, $271,088.

The hope and healing that your $271,088 will generate is impossible to quantify — it is only possible to appreciate, in the form of kindness and gratitude. So thank you, as always, for the generosity of your heart.

And thank you as well for your patience — beginning today, our “glass drops” and “delayed glassification” programs end, and our webstore and stock availability will be as colorful and bountiful as ever.


Giving is the cornerstone of our business plan. $5
from the sale of each glassybaby is donated to the
glassybaby foundation to provide hope and

Learn more children helping gather food from farm

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - December Baby Grant Winner


All glassybaby are hand made from start to finish by glass artists in our Seattle hot shops.

See the process
grace hand-blown candle holder votive during glassblowing process