you will feel deep love in the near future,
say the planets and the stars.
do the words in your horoscope make
themselves come true?

Your giving goes global (and local).

Every glassybaby that you give gives a gift to help people, animals, and the planet.

A glass candleholder company could never donate so much on its own.

That level of generosity takes a big, loving family.


Giving is the cornerstone of our business plan. On
November 22, 2022 we surpassed $13 million in giving
to organizations worldwide that provide hope and
healing for people, animals, and the planet.

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Giving Partner - W.O.L.F Sanctuary


All glassybaby are hand made from start to finish by glass artists in our Seattle hot shops.

See the process
grace hand-blown candle holder votive during glassblowing process

Our Stores

Visit us in person at glassybaby madrona, university village, downtown seattle, and lake oswego. our livingston location will be open in 2023.

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