experience glassybaby as a part of our growing team. we are looking for passionate, energetic, and customer service oriented individuals to join the following teams.

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  • madrona, seattle
  • berkeley, california
  • greater seattle area:
    • university village
    • madrona hotshop & store
    • bellevue
    • seatac international airport
  • greater portland area:
    • lake oswego
  • greater california bay area:
    • stanford shopping center
    • ferry building
    • berkeley hotshop & store


glassybaby offer our comprehensive benefit plans to employees working 20+ hours per week

our val-hues

downright uplifting

every glassybaby glows a beautiful, subtle light that generates love and hope

a community of stories

the story of glassybaby inspires people to share their own stories with us and with each other, creating an open community of kindness

hundreds of hues, one true color

like everything that nourishes life, glassybaby come from the natural earth, which we work to sustain and protect

we love dogs

they don’t judge, and neither do we. like the love of a dog, or true kindness, carries no judgment or conditions. we want to help where help is needed