paws and claws

glassybaby dedicates the month of august to honoring our four-legged friends.
$3 from every glassybaby sold in august will be added to the $65,000 we have already given
this year to non-profit organizations that provide hope and healing to animals in need.

throughout the month of august, we are offering complimentary etching on
wagging along and nuzzle glassybaby online and in our stores.



the cat who has slept imperiously for 16 hours
now rolls over and stretches out paws.
“i will be petted, now,” translates the purr.
yes, petted on exactly the right spot,
in exactly the right way. or else.
and when you succeed, your reward:
the softest nuzzle, of well-earned love.



wagging along

padding through the summer days, sniffing
flowers, trees, and you know whats.
shaking the lake after fetching the stick,
meeting many happy mutts.
barking out a doggy song, leaping,
licking, wagging along.

ruff ruff

crafted to give

complimentary etching

your personalized complimentary etching is available on the bottom of wagging along and nuzzle glassybaby throughout the month of august.

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the paws and claws of glassybaby

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