cream soda


each glassybaby drinker is a handblown drinking glass made in the usa. drinkers hold up to 12 oz. of liquid and stand around 3.25” tall.

This custom color bar is carefully crafted in house by our artists. This intricate process involves rolling, folding, & kneading together multiple colors, resulting in beautiful patterns and swirls. Every color has a different melting temperature, making the creation of this piece a true testament to our glassblowers' talent, as they work against the different consistency of each color. Together, this unique mixed color bar, combined with our glassblowers’ skilled artistry, results in the intrinsic individuality of each piece.

Drinker Details
  • Every glassybaby drinker is a one-of-a-kind work of art
  • glassybaby drinkers are not dishwasher safe; hand wash only
  • The etched triskelion on every glassybaby drinker is our logo and represents giving, craft and family

light your glassybaby

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