music and peace


sometimes, we remember our true power. we remember the warmth in the heart, where any noise or anger around us can go and can be transformed, to re-emerge through your voice as music and peace.

warm and cool colors collide to form a wavy lip on this limited-edition glassybaby

  • $3 from every glassybaby purchase gives to the glassybaby foundation to provide hope and healing
  • Free standard shipping on orders $99+
  • glassybaby is hand-blown glass and made in the usa
  • Each glassybaby includes a palm wax tea light candle
  • Every glassybaby is a one-of-a-kind work of art
  • glassybaby weigh a pound and stand approx 3.5” tall
  • The etched triskelion is our logo and represents giving, craft and family

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