sugar plum fairy


light up the holiday party 
and the afterparty

the last guest has bundled up and left,
with the last piece of fruitcake.
and now the night is still, except
for candle shadows dancing on the walls,
and laughter echoes ringing in the halls,
and a tidy-up dance like a sugar plum fairy
having a private ball.

the glassybaby foundation receives a donation from each glassybaby purchase to provide hope and healing. Learn More

Glimmer Details
  • Arrives in a beautiful hinged box with a magnetic closure
  • Each Glimmer glassybaby includes a bees wax tea light candle made in Washington
  • We use our most advanced glassblowing techniques
  • Made with precious metals and other delicate materials
  • A team of up to six artisans work in unison to craft each one
  • glassybaby weigh a pound and stand approx 3.5” tall
  • glassybaby is hand-blown glass and made in the usa

light your glassybaby

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