this is your captain speaking. there’s turbulence ahead. 
please fasten your seatbelt,
lower your tray table and light a candle. 
If you need help returning to the stillness 
in your center, press the call button,
and a member of your crew 
will be happy to assist you.

the glassybaby foundation receives a donation from each glassybaby purchase to provide hope and healing. Learn More

Glimmer Details
  • Arrives in a beautiful hinged box with a magnetic closure
  • Each Glimmer glassybaby includes a bees wax tea light candle made in Washington
  • We use our most advanced glassblowing techniques
  • Made with precious metals and other delicate materials
  • A team of up to six artisans work in unison to craft each one
  • glassybaby weigh a pound and stand approx 3.5” tall
  • glassybaby is hand-blown glass and made in the usa

light your glassybaby

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