beauty, honesty, and deep strength, to boot?
i used to think that was too good to be true.
but ever since i have come to know you,
i think i could believe in a unicorn, too.

Like the creature that inspired its name, each 'unicorn' glassybaby is a rare occurrence in the world of glass: its unique pink radiance comes from a unique metal called Erbium.

Erbium is in high demand, because it is a key component in long-distance telecom cables. This means that 'unicorn' is as rare as it is gorgeous - get it while you can.

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The glassybaby foundation receives a donation from each glassybaby purchase to provide hope and healing. Learn More

This glassybaby is a one-of-a-kind work of art, handcrafted in the USA. Each glassybaby weighs about one pound and stands approximately 3.5” tall.

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making of a hand-blown glass votive candle holder, trimming process

making the baby

every glassybaby is born in a dance of heat and light, with a team of skilled glassblowers collaborating with focus and love.


every glassybaby gives

when you give a glassybaby, you give more than beautiful color and light. you give hope and healing, for people, animals, and the planet.