I do, I do


after all those years,
the one you wanted just walks right up.
it’s still early to say,
but based on my shallow impressions,
which are (almost) never wrong,
it’s better than you had believed:
it’s a blessing beyond your wildest wish.

and now all that’s left to do is say,
“I do, I do,” and I am overjoyed
that you are making this good choice.

the I do, I do set includes a blessing and a good choice glassybaby.

the glassybaby foundation receives a donation from each glassybaby purchase to provide hope and healing. Learn More

Set Details
  • Each set is packaged in a box together with a glassybaby bow
  • glassybaby are hand-blown glass art and made in the usa
  • The etched triskelion is our logo and represents giving, craft, and family

light your glassybaby

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